Goals for September 2019

This is going to be just a short post about a new thing I decided to do. I was always fascinated with lists/plans/goals and it gives me joy to create them. For example, one of the most interesting things when preparing for triathlon is creating a training plan and trying to stick to it (althoughRead More

August 2019 Watchlist

The market was pretty wild lately. It presented some nice opportunities but I didn’t have available funds, unfortunately. I could tap to an emergency fund I am slowly building but I think it’s not worth the risk. It’s better to stick to the plan and only invest money you saved for investing, not for emergencyRead More

July 2019 Summary

Another month flew by and we are already on the last month of summer. Weather during July was not as hot as in June but I am not complaining. It felt like a relief after all the heat in the beginning of summer. Weather was still nice during several weekends and we had a coupleRead More