There are a lot of people who are also sharing their journeys to Financial Independence, provide their analysis about stocks they are interested in, share their goals and milestones, provide monthly updates or simply share their feelings about things not related to investing. Here is the list of blogs I am following at the moment:

Dividend Diplomats – two guys in their Mid-20’s who are sharing their race to gain more time before official retirement age.

Dividend Hawk – an investor from Finland whose annual income from dividends is already in 5 digits! I especially like his weekly reviews.

Financially Free in 10 Years – Mr. Robot is sharing his journey to Financial Independence. 10 years is an ambitious goal, it will be interesting to see how it goes!

Project 2035 – A Lithuanian guy who is trying to reach FI before he’s 50 (in 2035). There are not so many people in Lithuania who are investing to dividend growth companies so it’s nice to see somebody else going in the same direction.

Dividend Portfolio – Another guy who started investing to dividend companies and blogging in 2015. He’s sharing his dividend income, portfolio, progress with reducing debts.

Engineering Dividends – a 50-year old, electronic engineer living in California who was able to start investing straight after graduating from college!

Legend of Income – Also a new blog (started in June 2018) from a 30-something guy from a country in middle Europe. It is especially interesting to follow guys who are at the beginning of their journey (similar to me).

Divvy Dad – As the name suggests, this is a blog of a father of two. Divvy Dad is in his early 40s and decided to build a dividend portfolio, separate from his retirement account which is already providing hefty dividends each month. The goal is to retire in early 50’s and I have a feeling that it will be a success, based on the progress of Divvy Dad so far.

Snug Fortune – Dividend growth investor in early 30’s from Germany. He is investing to dividend companies since 2015 and decided to archive his journey in a blog since November 2018. He seems to have a nice plan and is set to achieve Financial Independence in 2035. I am looking forward to follow Alex’s journey!

Dividend Deluge – One more European investor (I am guessing Scandinavian) who decided to start investing into Dividend Growth stocks since 2014. His portfolio currently stands at €66k (in December 2018). Dividend Deluge is investing to P2P lending as well, which is what I also do.

PassiveCanadianIncome – As the name suggests, a journey of a guy from Ontario, Canada. Rob with his family has quite a few sources of income (including solar panels on his roof) and I love to read his monthly passive income summaries.

Frugal Fortunes – Frugal Fortunes is sharing investment advice and his adventures in financial world. As he says: “The main goal isn’t to increase the dollars in your bank account… but that’s a natural outcome. Instead, the goal is to maximize the value you create in the world.”

It’s so much fun to follow journeys of fellow bloggers and it keeps me motivated. Let me know if you would like to be added to the above list.

Other Useful Resources

Finviz – Stock screener which is useful to look for attractive stocks, based on your criteria.