December 2017 Fitness Summary

It’s time to see how my December looked like form the sports side. I can’t say that I finished the year with a bang this time, as the December was quite slow and I didn’t do much sports compared to other months. I would still like to mention top 3 things that best summarize the month:

  1. Finished my 12-week strength training program;
  2. Participation in a trail run “XTrasa Burbiskes”;
  3. Taking a break.

Firstly, let’s see how the month looked like in numbers:

Weight training

I am glad to say that I sticked to my plan and finished my 12-week strength training program. I visited gym 4 times a week and didn’t miss a single workout! I guess the next time I should challenge myself even more and also stick to better nutrition at the same time 😀

Xtrasa Burbiskes

At the beginning of December, I took part in the 2nd race of “XTrasa” cup. It was a race of 10k with 700m vertical ascent. To better illustrate this, climbing 700m is similar to climbing ~212 stories. It was definitely a challenge but easier than the first race I participated in where I had to climb 960m in “Xtrasa Belmontas”. I finished the distance in 1:25:34′ and took 42nd place out of 59 men in my category.

This is me climbing the final hill of the race (I wouldn’t call this running):

Currently, in the classification of XTrasa after 2 races I am on the 32th place out of 158 men. It puts me to top 21% of the field. This is mainly due to the fact that I participated in both runs and a lot of competitors only finished one of the races. Also, you may choose to run 5k instead of 10k and competition in the 5k race is not that tough. Due to that organizers decided to give coefficient of 1.0 to 10k competitors and 0.9 to 5k competitors when calculating points for general classification. One of my goals for 2018 is to finish in top 40% in the final classification so I should be able to achieve that easily if I keep participating in all of the races. Perhaps I will even finish in top 25% – we’ll see how it goes.


December was not that active from the sports side, I would say. I was ill for a few days and got out of the rhythm. I noticed that it is very easy to lose motivation if you miss a few workouts and it’s quite hard to get back on track. But I guess we should sometimes take a break and get back to it with full energy. I am trying to be more consistent this month and January should look better.

Thanks for reading and let me know how your month went in the comments!

6 thoughts on “December 2017 Fitness Summary

  1. Way to go 🙂 from new year I trying to do exercize + cold shower + meditation each morning. So far 5 day in a row 🙂 Also a little bit of running. Think I will do few km today 😀

    1. Hi P2035,
      Great to see that you are also staying active! I should try the cold showers as well but it looks too hard for now 🙂

      1. Tottaly agree it looks very terifying 🙂 especiaky that moment when you turn on the cold water before steping into it 🙂 Force your self one time and you will love the fealing afterward.

  2. It might not be as busy but sounds like it was a good month BI. Awesome job not missing going to the gym. And you’re right, consistency is key as it is easy to lose motivation. I’ve been consistently going to the gym since December as well. Now, I literally just found a trainer who is going to help me prepare for a body building competition in a few months. We will see how that goes. Good luck on your fitness goals in January.

    1. Hi DP,
      That’s amazing! It looks like you are really committed now. Best of luck on your preparation to the competition! Make sure to report how it is going on your website or here 😉

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