May 2018 Summary

Another month is over and what a month it has been! I don’t remember such a nice May in terms of weather here in Lithuania. It feels like summer for a month already, even though officially it just started. To make the month even better, my portfolio generated a record dividend income, as my annual payers kicked in! Without further ado, let’s get to the numbers!

Dividend Income

I reached a record in May for both number of companies that paid dividends and the amount of dividends received.

Both of my Lithuanian companies paid dividends in May. Since they are only paying dividends once a year, the amounts are bigger compared to my monthly/quarterly payers.

The biggest amount this month came from Telia at €41.65. I am a customer of Telia and this amount would cover my internet bill for ~4 months! It would be great to cover all bills that I pay to Telia by their dividend.

Second biggest payer this month was Vilkyskiu Pienine which came at €19.04. Me and my wife are usually buying their cottage cheese and this dividend would buy us ~27 180g packs of cottage cheese at current price of €0.70 a piece.

I really love to receive dividends from companies whose products I am using and it’s a pleasure to imagine what part of our expenses their dividends would cover 🙂

The rest of May’s dividends came from my usual payers – AT&T, Realty Income & Procter & Gamble.

Year on Year Comparison

As usual, I compare my dividend income with previous year:

That’s what I’m talking about! I received almost ten times more than I did last year. Of course, this is due to two recent buys that only pay once a year so I will not be enjoying this kind of growth any time soon. I also like the fact that all of the companies that paid me last year increased their dividend throughout the year.

By the way, for this comparison I exchanged EUR to USD at current rate. Since most of my dividends are received in USD, I thought it makes sense to report the total amounts in the same currency.

This is how the progress looks like since the beginning of 2016:

As you can see, this marks the biggest month in my history of dividend income. I will need to do my best to break this record and it may take at least a year to do so.

Purchases and Portfolio Contributions

This month I contributed €400 for savings to my investment account. I used this amount, savings from previous months and accumulated dividends to make one purchase. I bought 27 shares of Pfizer (PFE) @$36.05 for a total of $983.30 (including commissions). You may read more about this purchase here. Funny thing is that 8.5% of this purchase was covered by my dividends received in May. It shows the power of how received dividends may cover part of your investment.

Dividend Increases

This month none of companies in my portfolio announced dividend increases. This marks the end of a 5-month streak where I received dividend increases from some companies. We’ll need to wait for another month and hope that June will deliver some good news.

Income from P2P Income

During May, I received €6.27 in interest from P2P lending. This is slightly more than I received last month (€6.16). I didn’t add any funds to my P2P loans portfolio and only reinvested returned loans. I have a strategy to keep loans portfolio at ~10% of my total passive income portfolio and it was already at that point in May. With my recent purchase of PFE, though, I am planning to add some funds to this platform to keep up the ratio. Currently, loans portfolio consists of 41 active loans with total value of €540.5.


In total, after converting to EUR, I received €78.7 from passive income during May. This puts my total for 2018 to €128.79 which is already more than what I received throughout the whole 2017 (€105.18)! I set a goal for myself at the beginning of the year to earn €240 from passive income during 2018. May puts me ahead of schedule with 53% of the goal achieved with 7 months left. Unfortunately, I will not have such generous months as May for the rest of the year so it wouldn’t be enough to reach my goal if I don’t work hard to increase my passive income. However, May gives me some breathing space and I will see if I can reach the target throughout the year 🙂


How was your May? Are you sharing any of the companies that paid me in May? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “May 2018 Summary

  1. Congratulations on the record! Love those single players, I also have that in April with Ah. We share T, O and PG this month. All great companies as far as I’m concerned.

    Keep up the great buys as well and you must change your blog name to “Not-so Broke Investor”. 🙂

    1. Hi Mr. Robot,
      Ha-ha, I think it’s too early to change the blog name 😀
      Thanks for the comment and I am glad to share those great companies with you 🙂

  2. A stellar month of May with regard to dividend income, BI. Congrats on the record month in terms of dividend payers and dividend income. It’s exciting to see new records being achieved.
    Being ahead of pace for your annual goals is nice, too. Although you have to stay diligent given that you won’t have any more annual payouts like you did this month. However, keep up with those purchases, and I bet you’ll do fine.
    Sorry to hear about the end of the dividend raise streak… you’ll just have to start another one!
    Good progress being made overall, BI. Keep it up!

  3. Hiya!

    Loved readig about that insane YoY increase! Good job on that. The thing that stuck with me the most about this post was; “you pay that little for your internet??” XD


    1. Haha, yes, internet is pretty cheap in Lithuania. I pay €10.95 for great fiber internet 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!

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