Summary of Year 2022

Another year is in the books. It was an eventful year and not from the brightest side, unfortunately. Without a doubt, the biggest event was russian invasion of Ukraine which shook all of us in February. It’s hard to imagine how much suffering the war brought to Ukrainians but they are showing miracles with their resistance and I truly believe that they will be victorious.

Given the perspective, our year was not that interesting. However, I would still like to highlight some things that happened to us during 2022 and where we stand at the beginning of 2023.

Moving In to New Apartment

Probably the biggest change this year was moving into our new apartment at the beginning of the year. It took lots of effort and funds but we are happy to see where we are now. There are still some things to do to fully equip the apartment, but we are living comfortably already, so some stuff can wait 🙂

Since this is a financial blog, you may be interested in how much it cost us to buy and equip the apartment. This is how it looks like at the moment:

€18000 from the above amount is borrowed from bank and is included into our mortgage.

Portfolio Overview

It took much longer to come back to investing than I originally thought. This is how our small passive income portfolio stands at the moment:

Total value currently stands at ˜€2500. Most of our available funds went into the apartment during 2022. Hopefully we’ll be able to contribute more to passive income portfolio during 2023.

Other Notable Things

Some other things that happened during the year:

  • I read 17 books (the same amount as 2021);
  • We tried camping for the first time with our family. It was a success and we will do more in 2023;
  • I received a new IT certification – Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900);
  • I participated in a 60-day CrossFit challenge and loved it. It included 3 training sessions per week and some tracking of daily nutrition, hydration and sleep. I lost ˜4kg of weight, never felt better and am continuing to do CrossFit training.

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to 2023 and hopefully it will be an even better year. We are finally planning to have some vacation abroad, which was postponed in 2022 again. Also in the plans is building our passive income portfolio, finalising our apartment and probably a lot of unexpected things will come up.

Happy New Year! 🙂

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Summary of Year 2022

  1. I just woke up and my man here dishing out articles already!!! Happy New Year to you and your familly! Let’s get that bread, shall we? 🙂

  2. Congrats on the books and the camping. Our daughters are finally at the age where I think it will be enjoyable to take them tent camping (6 and almost 4) so I’m hoping to do that sometime in March for a 1-2 day trip at one of the parks near here. All the best in 2023! Hard to believe it’s here already.

    1. Thanks for the comment JC!
      Our daughter was almost 4 when we first tried it, so I can confirm that it’s not too early (if parents are ready :D)
      All the best to you in the New Year!

  3. Hei, BrokeInvestor!
    Happy to see you back in this DGI community.
    Wow, you read a lot. Do you read investment books or fiction?
    What about sports? 🙂

    1. Hey, thanks for visiting! 🙂
      I read various books but more than half of them is usually fiction (I can see that 9 books out of 17 were fiction in 2022). Other than that, I read some History/Politics/Business/Biographies/Parenting/Psychology books. Actually, none of them were about investing in 2022. Maybe only “Psychology of Money” of what I read in 2022 can be considered as Personal Finance book 🙂
      Regarding sports, it was not the best year but I got more active towards the end of the year. For the last three months I do some sports pretty much everyday, unless something unpredictable happens 🙂
      Take care!

  4. Hey BI. I’m glad to see that you are getting back into investing after an eventful 2022 involving a apartment purchase and move for your family.
    You’ve got pretty much a clean slate for your portfolio. I see you made TGT your first stock purchase for the rebuild. That’s a good choice. It’s a stock I don’t have in my Portfolio anymore, but I’ve contemplated adding it again.
    Here’s to a wonderful 2023 of investing!

    1. Hey ED!
      Thanks for stopping by. It feels good to be back, even though the start is pretty slow.
      Have a wonderful year, too! 🙂

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