April 2018 Summary

Another month is in the books and it means that it’s time for my favorite post – counting what my investments brought home during April. Without further adieu, let’s get to the numbers!

Dividend Income

During April, I received dividends from two companies:

Realty Income is the usual monthly payer of dividends in my portfolio. Even though, its price declined by quite a bit since last year, I am happy to keep it in my portfolio and keep receiving those dividends. And those small amounts really add up – I calculated that I already received $62.56 in dividends from Realty Income since I added them to my portfolio.

Cisco Systems is the dark horse of my portfolio. Since I purchased them last September, the value of stock price appreciated by ~35% and I also received ~$20 in dividends. Couldn’t be happier about this investment!

Year on Year Comparison

I like to compare the income with what I received a year ago:

That’s some amazing growth. One more month where I can enjoy high growth in percentage points, since the dividend was so low last year. The growth is even bigger than in January when I also received dividend from Cisco, as they provided a dividend raise since then. I should enjoy this kind of growth one more time when I review my received dividends in July.

And this is how the progress looks like since the beginning of 2016:

Purchases and Portfolio Contributions

This month I only managed to put aside €300. I will use it for my future purchases when I gather enough capital for another investment. I am trying to save €500 each month but I had some unexpected expenses during April, so I will try to do better during upcoming months.

I also added additional €30 to my P2P lending account.

Dividend Increases

I am super happy to receive two dividend increases during April!

Procter & Gamble (PG) increased their quarterly dividend from $0.69/share to $0.717/share which represents a 4% increase. Since I own 9 shares of PG, this will increase my annual income from PG by ~$0.68 ($0.027 * 9 * 4 -30%).

Furthermore, Exxon Mobil (XOM) also announced a dividend raise. They quarterly dividend increased from $0.77/share to $0.82/share which is ~6.5% increase. Since I own 7 shares of XOM, this will increase my income from XOM by ~$0.98 ($0.05 * 7 * 4 – 30%).

This is the fifth month in a row when I receive a dividend increase from some company, so the streak continues!

Income from P2P Lending

During April, I received €6.16 in interest from P2P lending. So far, income from P2P income is growing every month. One of the loans defaulted but it was insured so I received all the money back, together with interest. Currently, there are 39 active loans in my portfolio, with total value of €536.62.


In total, after converting to EUR, I received €14.19 from passive income during April. This brings my total for 2018 to €50.09. My goal for the year is to reach €240 in total during 2018. I am still lagging behind and looking at the numbers it looks like I am not making much progress. However, my last two purchases will both pay their annual dividend during May, so the situation should improve 🙂


How was your April? Which company was your biggest payer? Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below!

8 thoughts on “April 2018 Summary

    1. I think you wouldn’t make a mistake by adding CSCO to your portfolio. On my side, I would like to add a company which pays during the 3rd month of the quarter 🙂

  1. Great results BI! It’s so cool yo see your portfolio grow and your dividends along with it.

    Keep it up my friend. You’ve on a roll!

  2. Awesome increase from last year BI. I had a similar huge growth rate since the amount was so low from last year. I’m glad to see the increases in both PG and XOM as I own both companies as well. Let’s hope May treats you just as good.

    1. Thanks DP! Got to love those percentage growth rates, while the portfolios are small 🙂

  3. Great to see your progress, BI. I was able to share in your April dividend increases, as I hold PG and XOM as well.
    I don’t do any P2P lending, but it always good to have an alternative passive income stream. Glad to see it’s worked out for you thus far. Please keep sharing and reporting on the P2P experience.

    1. Hi ED,
      Thanks for the comment. I will keep sharing my P2P experience, hopefully it’s interesting to track 🙂

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