One Year Blogiversary

Back in August 16th, 2017, my first post in this blog appeared. That’s when I decided to start documenting my journey here and I haven’t regretted this decision since. This blog helps me to stay accountable, to make sure that I invest part of my income, stay fit and try to reach the goals I set to myself. Even more importantly, I like writing and now I have a place to do so.

Here are some brief stats of what happened during the first year:

  • 43 posts published;
  • 324 comments (~half of them are mine);
  • 4236 views (~11-12 views a day).

The stats are not impressive but that’s not the biggest purpose of my blog. The main purpose of my blog is to see how I progress and have some space to express myself. If somebody likes what they read – that’s great and it definitely makes me feel good but I don’t try to increase my audience by advertising it wherever possible.

Of course, this blog wouldn’t be so pleasant if I didn’t have the few readers who are visiting my blog regularly and take a minute to leave a comment. Some honorable mentions that come to my mind: Engineering Dividends, Dividend Portfolio, Mr. Robot, P2035. Even though I don’t know those people in person, they feel like my friends already and that’s the beauty of the dividend growth investors community.

Thanks for staying with me and I hope that I will keep writing for years to come! 🙂

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