August 2017 Summary

I’m sharing my passive income monthly summary for the first time. I think it’s going to be my favorite monthly post to write. Who doesn’t like getting cash for doing nothing? 3 companies paid me this month for simply having them in my portfolio. This is what I received in the month of August (theRead More

Why Dividend Investing?

In this article I will explain my decision to invest to dividend paying companies as opposed to other forms of investments. Firstly, I think most of investment forms are good in general. The choice depends on what you are trying to achieve, size of employed capital, your expertise level in certain fields or even yourRead More


Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Here I will share my journey towards financial independence (or at least more comfortable living in retirement). I am planning to include the following topics in this blog: Monthly passive income updates; Purchases or selling of stocks; Dividend increases; Stock analysis; My considerations for picking certain stocksRead More