September 2018 Summary

This September will stay especially important to me because a key event of my life happened recently. On the 26th of September, our baby girl entered this world! It is a feeling that is hard to describe by words and I haven’t expected it to feel so good. Me and my wife are slowly getting to know our beautiful daughter and are learning something new everyday. Despite less sleep at nights, we are very happy at the moment πŸ™‚

But let’s stay on the main topic of this blog and see how my September looked like from the passive income side.

Dividend Income

Three companies paid me dividend during September:

With addition of Pfizer to my portfolio a few months ago, the third month of the quarter is no longer the smallest month in terms of dividend income. It is also the first time in September when I cross the $10 mark. I now only have the first month of the quarter when I don’t reach $10 yet.

Let’s play a little game and try to imagine what I could buy with dividends received from each individual company, related to what the company does:

  • $4.02 from Exxon Mobil could buy ~3.3l of diesel to my car which would let me drive ~60km;
  • $2.46 from Realty Income would cover ~0,4% of our monthly rent;
  • $6.42 from Pfizer could cover ~84% of B-complex vitamins pack I used to buy.

As always, I am not planning to spend those dividends. They will instead play a role in building my portfolio.

Year-on-Year Comparison

Let’s see how dividend amount compares to September of last year:

That’s what I’m talking about! One more month when I receive a triple-digit growth rate. That Pfizer purchase really helped to improve my September results. We shouldn’t forget the other two companies, though – both of them raised their dividend throughout the year and contributed to the growth.

This is how my dividend income progress looks like since the beginning of 2016 when I started recording it:

Purchases and Portfolio Contributions

I managed to contribute €600 to my portfolio this month which is higher than my usual €400. This additional saving allowed me to initiate a position in a new company. I bought some shares of an Estonian company Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp (77 shares @€9.04 (+€2.00 commissions) for a total of €698.04). You may read more about this purchase here.

I haven’t added any funds to my P2P lending portfolio.

Dividend Increases

This month marked one announcement of a dividend increase. Realty Income (O) raised their monthly dividend from $0.22/share to $0.2205/share. This represents a very tiny increase of ~0.2%. Β Since I own 16 shares of O, it will increase my net annual income from Realty Income by ~$0.07Β ($0.0005*16*12-30%). Even though the amount is very small, it’s the fourth time this year when Realty Income increases their dividend so I can’t complain.

Income from P2P Lending

During September, I received €6.53 in interest from P2P lending. This is slightly less than last month (when I received €6.63). As always some of the loans are late and some of them are going to default but I knew that this is part of the game. It’s still a profitable investment so we will see how it will look going forward. I haven’t added anything to this platform this month. My P2P lending portfolio currently consists of 52 loans with total value of €628.39.


In total (after converting to EUR) I received €17.71 from passive income during September. This brings my total for 2018 to €195.87. I am getting closer to my goal to receive €240 from passive income during 2018. With 3 months left, I need to earn additional €44.13 which is ~€15 a month. I should be able to reach the goal if nothing unexpected happens.


How was your month? Are you sharing any of my dividend payers? Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below! πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “September 2018 Summary

  1. Congratulations BI, becoming a father is still my proudest achievement in life. Even though its been almost 4 years ago when I became a parent I still remember the moment vividly. Awesome and welcome to the club!

    As for your results, I believe another congratulations are in order. 100%+ growth, crossing the $10 mark again and a third company paying you, that’s just great. We share O and PFE this month. My report is also up if you want to take a look.

    1. Hi Mr. Robot,
      Thanks a lot! Wow, I am wondering how I will remember it after a year, two years or four years.
      Heading over to your blog now to see how your September looked like! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi SD,
      Thanks for the good wishes and I am proud indeed πŸ™‚
      110% is great but I would love the amounts to be in 3 digits as well πŸ˜€ Well, slowly but surely, we will make it happen.

  2. Wow, great news on both fronts. Congrats on being a father. Wishing you a lifetime of joy. Congrats on the triple-digit percentage increase in your dividend growth from last year as well. It does sound like September was really a great month for you.

  3. Hello BI,
    congratulations on your September success, especially on becomming a father. Good luck on you jurney and thank you for your comment on my blog.

    1. Hi Druss,
      Thanks for visiting and for the good wishes! I will be coming back to your blog to see how you progress. As I mentioned, it’s especially interesting to follow bloggers who just started.

  4. As you alluded to in the comment you left for me…. you are right, BI… you received a special dividend this month that is priceless. Congratulations! Have any details you can share on your baby girl? Height? Weight? Does she have your eyes? I hope Mrs. BI and the baby are healthy and happy, and that you all get your rest.
    As for your regular dividends, gotta love the YoY growth… hard not to like 100%+. It’s amazing the impact a single stock addition to the portfolio can have. I like your progress… keep investing when you can (although it may get a bit more difficult with those baby expenses!). I share XOM and O with you.

    1. Hi ED,
      Thanks for your kind words. Some details of our baby girl: 2940h in weight, 53cm in height. It’s hard to say who she looks like so far, some people say that she looks like me but I don’t see it πŸ˜€ Also, it looks like she changes everyday. The baby and my wife are both fine, we are getting enough rest so far as well πŸ™‚
      Yes, it might be slightly harder to invest now with some extra expenses but I will try to save in some other spaces so hopefully I will still be able to save part of my income.

    1. Hi TI,
      Thanks for visiting! I will try to keep up the growth rate but it may be harder if the numbers get bigger πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Doug,
      Thanks for the kind words. I will try to keep it up πŸ™‚
      I can see that your month was amazing, by the way!

  5. The dividend income is great in all. But really, the fact that you are now a father and have a baby girl is the best news by far. Congratulations and I love how excited you/your wife are. On a dividend note, I love how you showed the dividends received compared to the costs. It is a cool twist and it always helps to show this in comparison.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Hi Bert,
      Thanks a lot for visiting and nice words! I like to imagine which part of some costs my dividends could cover if needed and it makes it more fun to track the progress. Hopefully, going forward, it could cover more and more of my monthly expenses.

  6. Best wishes on your new baby. Enjoy these days because they run by really fast. Solid progress on the dividend front too. Slowly but surely keep adding to your portfolio and grow over time. Soon you’ll be able to teach your baby about saving, investing and compounding. Set something up for her and take advantage of her greatest asset, time. Congrats!

    1. Hi DivHut,
      Thanks a lot! Those days really go fast – it has been two weeks already and the baby-girl looks to be changing everyday. I was already imagining how to teach her about saving and investing when she was not born yet πŸ˜€ And I have a plan to set some funds every month to her little portfolio which should grow together with her πŸ™‚ Thanks again for visiting!

  7. Hi BrokeInvestor! Looks like you had a great month in more ways then one! Congrats on your new baby girl! Very good dividend month as well! It is great to reach new milestones in dividend income! Keep it up! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi MDD,
      Many thanks for stopping by! That’s the beauty of dividend investing – we keep reaching those milestones almost every month! πŸ™‚

  8. Congrats on your new baby! That is exciting. And nice month doubling your dividend income. Takes time to build up. All solid names that paid you though. I also like that you said what those dividends could have purchased with the amounts received. Keep up the good work, and try to get some much needed sleep.

    1. Hi Daze,
      Thanks a lot! I am glad you liked the idea of thinking what could be bought with those dividends – it’s fun to think about it πŸ™‚

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