2018 Goals Review

At the beginning of 2018, I set some goals to myself. Well, it’s already the last day of 2018, so let’s see how many of them I managed to achieve.

Financial Goals

  1. Grow passive income portfolio to €11000– on the 27th of December, my stocks portfolio was worth €9568 and my P2P lending portfolio stands at €666 at the moment. This puts the total value of the portfolio to €10234. During my last goals review at the beginning of October, I was pretty certain that I was not going to reach this goal. I was right but the bright side is that I came closer to the goal than I previously expected and I more than doubled my portfolio compared to this time last year when it was worth €4174. Status – Failed.
  2. Receive €240 in passive income; – As I am writing this, my passive income for the year stands at €255.32 which means that I managed to reach this goal! Passive income was also more than 2x compared to what I achieved last year when I received €105. Status – Completed.
  3. Start having a budget; – Starting from October, I am tracking our family’s budget and I couldn’t be happier for the decision to start doing so. It is already paying dividends, as somehow we are able to save and invest more money than we used to before. Status – Completed.

Fitness Goals

  1. Run a marathon in 3:45; – I finished my marathon on the 9th of September and came close to my goal but haven’t achieved it. I finished the marathon in 3:47:00 which is still a big improvement from last year when I finished marathon in 4:06:59. Even though I failed to complete this goal, it doesn’t feel like a failure :). Status – Failed.
  2. Finish Lithuanian Triathlon Cup in top 50%; – The cup finished on the first of September and I can see the final results. I participated in 6 of the 7 races of the cup this year and I ended up on the 43th place out of 204 men in Olympic distance category. This means that I finished in top 22% of the field! There were some participants who only completed one or two races so I don’t consider to be among strongest 22% of triathletes in Lithuania but that’s another topic :). Status – Completed;
  3. Finish “Xtrasa” cup in top 40%; – This cup was over in Spring and I already had this in the bag when I reported my interim goals in May. I finished the cup in the 39th place out of 289 participants in men’s category. This puts me in top 14% of the field so I am happy to say that the goal was reached. Status – Completed.
  4. Complete Half-Ironman distance triathlon; – The last fitness goal for the year was to complete a Half-Ironman distance triathlon which I did on the 5th of August. Not only I completed it, I broke my personal record as well and finished the race in 5:39:43. Status – Completed.

Personal Development Goals

  1. Read 12 books; – I managed to reach the target and read 12 books this year (if you click on below affiliate links and purchase something, I would get a small commission at no cost to you):

Status – Completed.

2. Write 52 blog posts; – I abandoned this goal after a few months as it didn’t happen to bring much value, in my opinion. I think tracking the number of posts is not a good criteria in essence, as the quality of posts may deteriorate as a result. Nevertheless, I stayed pretty consistent with my writing and published 42 posts throughout the year. Status – Failed.

3. New IT certification; – I reached this goal at the very end of the year by completing Jamf 200 course and passing its exam. This course provided fundamentals of Jamf Pro, which is used in enterprises to manage macOS and iOS platforms. It’s useful, as part of my role will be supporting macOS, starting from January. I also learned some new skills with SQL, HTML, CSS but these were not official certifications, so I am not including them. Status – Completed.


I managed to achieve 7 out of 10 goals I have set to myself at the beginning of the year. In my opinion, the goals were challenging enough and even the goals that are marked as failed don’t feel like a failure. I am really happy with the result and it was a great year from many perspectives in my life. Publishing the goals in this blog certainly helped with motivation to achieve them, as I somehow felt accountable to my audience. I can’t wait to start the new year and set a new set of goals for 2019!


Did you have any goals set to yourself for this year? Did you manage to achieve them? Please let me know in comments below and thanks for staying with me throughout the year!

14 thoughts on “2018 Goals Review

  1. Congratulations to the successful year.
    I can see that the goals were very well set. You were close to meeting them all.

    I am a little worried about completing the Song of Ice and Fire saga but I hope it will eventually see the light of the world.

    Good luck in 2019

    1. Hey Druss,
      Thanks for the comment! I am surprised myself how close most of the measurable goals ended up.
      Regarding the Song of Ice and Fire, I am worried that I will forget the story before the last part gets published, if it does at all 🙂
      Good luck to you too!

  2. Hi Bi. Congrats on the goals. I managed to comlete 2 out of 3. I think 1st goal is not a good one. Had same one as well. It depends on the market mood not your actions, so I would suggest you to stick to the second.

    Personaly I have keept only saving rate goal as the more you save the more you invest the more you get dividends. If you cannot save any monay dividens and investment goals are worthless 😉

    What relates to sports. Mmm your lightyears away from me. Cannt get that 300 km/year goal 2nd year in a row 😀

    Good luck with your 2019y goals. I would recoment saving rate goal instead of portfolio value.

    1. Hey P2035,
      Thanks for the recommendation and it makes sense but I would like to leave some unpredictability to the goals 🙂 I haven’t created my goals for 2018 yet, so we’ll see how they look like after I think them through.

  3. Congratulation on achieving most of your goals, BI! Good job!
    I am looking forward to seeing your progress in 2019 and will follow along your journey.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thanks for the comment! I am thinking about my goals for 2019 already and should publish them by mid-January. I will be following your journey as well! 🙂

  4. Great work across the board BI, and as you noted even the goals that are technically listed as a “fail” were largely successful in the grand scheme of things. I’m looking forward to all that you will accomplish in the coming year!

    1. Hi DivvyDad,
      Thanks for the nice words and encouragement! It will be interesting to see what goals you will set for 2019, I noticed that you are planning to post them tomorrow.
      Good luck to you too!

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