February 2023 Summary

February is over, so it’s time to see how much passive income has been generated during the month. Once again, it’s going to be a short post, as my portfolio is just at its beginning phase.

Passive Income

P2P Lending was the only source of passive income this month. It generated €5.61:

There’s a long way to go but I would like passive income to be able to cover at least some of our expenses at some point in the future. So I like to compare what we receive with some real expenses in our daily life. Passive income in February would cover 0.5% of our Mortgage payment, which is our biggest monthly expense at the moment.

Investments and Portfolio Contributions

Just like in January, I didn’t have enough funds to initiate a new position in my portfolio. I am planning to have enough funds for an investment during March or at the beginning of April as the latest.

During February, I contributed €240 to my investment accounts for stocks. The amount is again smaller than I would desire. On the bright side, we purchased some nice chairs for our dining table and it goes towards our goal to fully equip our apartment.

This is how my portfolio allocations are looking so far this year:

Portfolio Overview

This is how my portfolio was looking like on the 2nd of March:

There is not much change since the beginning of February. Actually, it’s slightly lower (down by €60) mainly due to price fluctuation of Target stock. Portfolio value currently stands at €2776.

Finally, this is how my current portfolio composition is looking compared to desired allocation in terms of sectors/asset classes:

Once again, there is not much difference compared to last month.

My next investment will probably be into some REIT. I am already looking into those and should present my watchlist in the nearest future.


So far in 2023, I received €13.04 in passive income, which is 7.1% of my goal to receive €183 during the year. I am falling behind the schedule but am still hopeful to reach the target by year’s end.

It was not the greatest month in terms of passive income and investing. However, every little bit counts and we will get the snowball rolling sooner or later.

How was your month? Have you bought any new stocks or reached some milestones with your portfolio? I would love to read your comments 🙂

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