September 2023 Summary

Just like that, the first month of Autumn is gone. Despite bigger traffic jams and higher number of people in the office, it didn’t feel like Autumn yet. The weather was still very warm for most of September, so we can’t complain.

Purpose of this post is not discussing the weather, though. It’s to see how much passive income my portfolio generated during the last month. Let’s get to the numbers.

Dividend Income

Target (TGT) was the only company in my portfolio to pay a dividend during September:

As always, I am comparing received dividends to actual expenses of our family. $4.67 from Target would cover 0.3% of our expenses in Food category for the last 3 months.

P2P Lending

Next part of passive income came from Peer to Peer lending. I am using two platforms at the moment for this kind of investment. Interest from P2P lending added €5.51 to our passive income this month:

September was the worst month for this category so far in 2023, even though I don’t see an uptick in late loan payments. I invested most of the returned funds to more conservative loans recently (with smaller interest rate), so perhaps that’s the reason.

Passive Income Summary

After adding both sources of passive income, it sums up to €9.87:

I was hoping that sub-€10 months is a thing of the past but it turns out that I still got one.

Here’s a chart where you may see a better comparison between months and passive income categories during 2023 so far:

Investments and Portfolio Contributions

During September, I added €500 to my investment accounts.

I used this contribution and previous savings to make 3 purchases. You may read about them in my recent post.

These purchases added €33.73 to my annual dividend income (at current USD/EUR exchange rate).


September was not the greatest month in terms of passive income. Lackluster income from peer-to-peer lending meant that I didn’t manage to surpass the threshold of €10. However, this should be the last month when I don’t receive a double-digit amount, as I will have a new payer for the last month of the quarter going forward.

So far in 2023, we received €126.88 from passive income, which is 69% of my goal to receive €183 during the year. I chose €183 as my goal, as it would mean that I received at least €0.50/day in average during the year. With 75% of the year gone, I am behind schedule again. However, I am expecting October to be a much better month and I should be able to cross the mark before the year ends.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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