June 2022 Life Update

It’s been almost 6 months since my last blog post so I think it’s about time to provide an update 🙂 We have been living in our new apartment for almost 5 months now and everything is going well and getting better. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to me coming back to investing but I keepRead More

Recent Buy – July 2020

2020 is flying by. Already more than half of the year is gone. With each passing month, I keep contributing to my portfolio and July was not an exception. In my most recent Portfolio Overview, I decided to focus on Utilities sector next. Therefore, I compared a few stocks that I had in mind andRead More

Recent Small Buys – June 2020

I will be honest that I didn’t spend much time researching the market or following the news lately. Summer is full of other activities, so I spent less time on this blog as well. I also didn’t have enough capital for a normal-size purchase. That doesn’t mean that I am not investing, though. In fact,Read More