2018 Goals Review

At the beginning of 2018, I set some goals to myself. Well, it’s already the last day of 2018, so let’s see how many of them I managed to achieve. Financial Goals Grow passive income portfolio to €11000; – on the 27th of December, my stocks portfolio was worth €9568 and my P2P lending portfolio stands atRead More

December 2018 Watchlist

December is not looking good for markets so far. We hear the news everyday that the stock prices are falling due to various reasons: FED raising interest rates, trade wars between U.S. and China, uncertainty about Brexit, slowing economy growth in the world, U.S. Government shutdown etc. My own portfolio decreased by ~5% recently butRead More

November 2018 Summary

The last month of autumn was a remarkable month. Our baby-daughter is growing well and giving us a lot of joy. She smiled for the first time and is doing it more often now which is amazing to see! There were also some changes in the investing front. I finally managed to open an accountRead More

November 2018 Watchlist

It’s time again to have a look at the market and try to find some potential targets for my portfolio. October was a busy month for a lot of dividend investors, as the market slipped and presented quite a few opportunities. Unfortunately, I didn’t take advantage of that but hopefully I will still be ableRead More

October 2018 Summary

October has been an interesting month. Finally, we were able to witness a substantial correction in US markets as we saw a fall of ~10%. You would naturally think that it should be worrying. Actually, the contrary happened – it felt like a relief. The market finally is presenting quite a few opportunities so IRead More

Which Utility Stock to Buy?

I was going through my portfolio recently and noticed that I don’t have any companies from the Utility sector. Even though utility companies are usually not fast-growing, their stability may also be a good thing. This is especially useful during the bad times. We are already seeing some turbulence in US stocks recently so itRead More