September 2018 Summary

This September will stay especially important to me because a key event of my life happened recently. On the 26th of September, our baby girl entered this world! It is a feeling that is hard to describe by words and I haven’t expected it to feel so good. Me and my wife are slowly gettingRead More

Recent Buy – TKM

I have recently shared a watchlist for September, even though I thought that I was not going to purchase anything in September. Well, that has changed and I managed to do one buy last week! I bought some shares of Tallina Kaubamaja Grupp (TKM), an Estonian company from my local Baltics market. I am prettyRead More

August 2018 Summary

Beginning of a new month always brings some happiness to us, dividend growth investors. It definitely does to me, when I look behind and see what happened in my bank account in terms of dividend income. I especially like the second month of each quarter, as it’s where my biggest payers deliver. Let’s see whatRead More

September 2018 Watchlist

One of the most interesting things for me during free time is looking for companies that I would like to add to my portfolio. I know that it’s probably a more clever thing to invest to an index fund and don’t spend time on researching individual companies but that’s something I love doing so IRead More

Fear of Missing out

Once in a while I notice an interesting behavior of my mind which is not helpful. It may happen in many situations: When buying some clothes or shoes with a “discount” and trying not to miss the opportunity; When playing an addictive game where you need to log in every day; When considering which stockRead More

One Year Blogiversary

Back in August 16th, 2017, my first post in this blog appeared. That’s when I decided to start documenting my journey here and I haven’t regretted this decision since. This blog helps me to stay accountable, to make sure that I invest part of my income, stay fit and try to reach the goals IRead More

July 2018 Fitness Summary

Another month has passed and what a month it has been! I’ve been enjoying my life and good weather for sure. Doing sports was part of the fun and I wasn’t lagging behind. I managed to participate in two triathlon races, broke my Olympic distance record again but let’s start from the beginning. These wereRead More